Who can benefit from ToogleBox?


Image for Information Technology

Make the Super Admin's life easier.
React to Phishing Attacks & harmful emails.
Track confidential information.
Review email content for electronic investigations.
Ease the user account creation process.
Configure additional Google Directory fields.
Automate the distribution lists creation process.
Centralize multiple domains administration.


Standardize & centralize email signatures.
Improve your company branding.
Increase traffic to your website.
Promote corporate events.
Increase social media followers.
Promote products & services.
Boost your marketing messages.
Include awards and certifications received.


Expedite the onboarding process. Automatically activate a new user's email signature, distribution lists, and access to files and folders.
Review and massively update employees' information.
Publish institutional messages.
Be able to share contacts across different companies.


Allow employees to recall their own internal emails.
Have immediate access to specific files and folders.
Update their personal information using a controlled end-user view.


React to Online Bullying threats.
Delete inappropriate content sent by email.
Perform email forensic audits.
Reinforce the school slogan impact.
Promote sports championships & rallies.
Announce speakers & special events.
Allow smooth Parent-Teacher communication.
Strengthen the Teacher-Student relationship.

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